3D Illusion 7 Color LED Guitar Lamp

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This amazing guitar lamp looks like it's from the future.  

Plug in this cool illusion lamp and prepare to give your décor a much needed boost of punky style. The lights that radiate from the base of this LED lamp beam up to create a transparent 3D image of a guitar, giving them the ability to produce quite a unique light show.

To make the special effects of the lamp even that much more awesome, the lights change color. They can also be set on a single glowing shade if so desired. Place the guitar lover's lamp on your nightstand, on your desk in the studio or on your a counter top.

  • The light is illuminated using LEDs that never get hot yet produce a warm glow. Because it's cold to the touch its perfect for children's bedrooms, but rest assured it will look great in any setting.
  • You will be shocked to find that this 3D Illusion Lamp is really a 2D wire frame lamp which is only a few millimeters wide.  Seeing is not always believing, apparently.
  • The piece creates an optical illusion, as it appears as a 3D object, but is actually completely flat.
  • Change colour with button switch , choose between red, green, blue, white, pink, yellow and sky blue.
  • It can be put in bedroom, child's room, living room, bar, shop, cafe, restaurant etc. as decorative light.
  • Light power: 0.5W
  • Light voltage: 5V
  • Light weight: 0.4KG
  • Light board size: 252*90*87mm
  • Base size: 87x87x43mm
  • Box size: 26 * 20 * 6 cm
  • Product accessories:
    • arc plate
    • 1 ABS base
    • 1 USB cable
    • 1 English specification
  • Product color: seven color: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, white, celadon, adjustable solid color or colorful gradient mode.
Note that the acrylic plate comes covered with double-sided protective film. Please remove the protective film before use.
What's in the box:
  • 1x 3D Illusion Light 
  • 1x USB cable

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